The OLA Program: Independent Well Monitoring & Analysis

Exploration & Production companies utilize expertise of Oilfield Labs of America to reduce significant annual spend on chemical application programs.

The Situation

Chemical companies that service the oil and gas industry are providing both chemical package and the in-house laboratory services. The full service is to monitor the condition of individual wells based on the recommended treatment programs and to report results to the well owner/operator. The reality is that the chemical companies are not staffed adequately to execute the full program of services after the chemical application. This includes sample collection, laboratory analysis, data interpretation, and results reporting.

“We had no idea that this service was available. We appreciate the service and products of our chemical company, but the expertise and data analysis of Oilfield Labs lowered our chemical spend by 45% in our first field trial”

Analysis Done Right, On Time

The Solution

Oilfield Labs of America will engage as independent partners with the E&P company to perform pre and post-treatment monitoring of your well with a field-by-field monitoring program.

The chemical treatment programs most often prescribed are:

    • Inhibitors – to prevent downhole deposition and tubular damage with scale, paraffin, asphaltene, salt, and corrosion
    • Bacteria Control – to protect against harmful bacteria-induced corrosion and reservoir souring
    • Permeability modifiers – to minimize water production

Partnering and Accountability

The in-house expertise of OLA in production chemicals and stimulation helps us validate the chemical program compatibility— Oilfield Labs of America understands that coordination with chemical companies and well operators are critical to success. Our experts work together in the lab and in the field to deliver unbiased data and analysis on your data.

The Outcome

The E&P company will see two distinct benefits to using Oilfield Labs of America: a reduction in risk and spend associated with chemicals utilized and an overall reduction in well failure rate with proper monitoring.

The best chemical companies welcome third party validation as a valuable tool on the results of their product recommendation and application. As routinely demonstrated in a competitive RFP process, three chemical companies will prescribe three unique programs at differing price schedules. Oilfield Labs of America has the unique expertise to interpret data and empower production engineers with information to better manage their well inventory.